The 7th March, 2005

No. PSERC/Secy./Regu. 15.--In exercise of powers conferred under Section 87 read with Section 181 of the Electricity Act, 2003 (36 of 2003) and all other powers enabling it in that behalf, the punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission hereby makes the following Regulations for establishment and functioning of the Punjab State Advisory Committee.

  1. Short title and commencement

    1. There Regulations may be called the Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission (State Advisory Committee) Regulations, 2005.

    2. These Regulations shall come into force from the date of their publication in the official gazatte.

    3. These Regulations shall extend to the whole of the State of Punjab

  2. Definitions

    In these Regulations unless the context otherwise requires:-

    1. "Act" means the Electricity Act, 2003;

    2. "Commission" means the Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission;

    3. "Committee" means the Punjab State Advisory Committee;

    4. "State" means the State of Punjab

    5. Words and expressions used and not defined herein but defined in the act shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Act.

  3. Constitution of the Committe
    1. The Commission may, by notification, establish with effect from such date as it may specify in such notification, a Committe to be known as the State Advisory Committee.

    2. The Committee shall consist of not more than twenty one Members to represent various interest groups in the State as outlined in Section 87(2) of the Act PReference shall be given to the representatives with a significant understanding of the electricity sector from amongst the following sectors.

      1. Licensees and Generating Companies

      2. State Transmission and Distribution Utilities or the Board

      3. Commerce

      4. Industry

      5. Transport

      6. Agriculture

      7. Labour

      8. Consumers

      9. Non-Government Organisations

      10. Academic and Research bodies

  4. Selection and Appointment of Committee Members
    1. The Commission shall appoint the candidates to serve on the Committee, after consultation with the Government/individuals/ representative organisations/ bodies of such interest groups as the case may be. The Commission may choose to limit the number of Members to be nominated in each sector depending upon the importance of repaltionship the concerned sector bears with the electricity industry

    2. The Members of the Committee shall be nominated for a period of one year which may further be extended at the discretion of the Commission. The Commission shall have the power to re-nominate any Member on expiry of his/her terms.

    3. The Chairperson of the Commission shall be the ex-officio Chairperson of the Committee and Members of the Commission, the Secretary to Punjab Government in-charge ofthe Ministry or Department dealing with consumer affairs and public distribution system shall be the ex-officio Members of the Committee.

    4. A Member other than the ex-officio Member, who fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the Committee shall forthwith cease to be a Member of the Committee

  5. Secretary of the Commission

      The secretary of the Commision shall be the ex-officio Secretary to the Committee. He shall not be eligible for any extra remuneration on account of this additional work.

  6. Objects of the committee

      The objects of the State Advisory Committee shall be to advise the Commission on :-

      1. major questions of the policy;
      2. matters relating to quality, continuity and content of the servise provided by the licensees;

      3. compliances by licensees with the condition and requirement of their licence;

      4. protection of consumer interest;

      5. energy supply and overall standard of performance by utilities; and

      6. any other matter which the Commission may refer spacically.

  7. Conduct of Proceeding of the Committee

      The proceeding of the Committee shall be governed by the following:-

    1. it shall be the duty of the secretary to arrange to convene the meeting of the Committee with the permission of the Chairperson and to give the members thereof, unless otherwise specifically directed by the Chairperson, not less than 14 day’s notice in writing of the date, time and place of the proposed meeting. The notice will also contain the agenda and connected papers, if any, of the meeting.

    2. The proceedings of every meeting of the Committee shall be recorded in a minute book to be kept for the purpose and shall be signed by the Chairperson of the meeting. This will be read in the next meeting for the information of the members. The record of the proceedings shall be open for inspection to the members of the State Advisory Committee.

    3. The Committee shall meet at least once in every six months or at such intervals and at such places as may be decided by the commission.

    4. The chairperson of the Commission shall preside over every meeting of the Committee. In his absence, senior most person of the committee shall act as the Chairperson of the meeting.

    5. All meeting of the Commission shall be held at the office premises of the Commission at Chandigarh, unless the commission otherwise notifies.

    6. The quorum at the meeting of the Committee shall be one third of the total members of the Advisory Committee including the ex-officio Members. If there is no quorum within 30 minutes of the time notified for the meeting, the Chairperson may adjourn the meeting to a specific time. No further notice be given for an adjourn meeting and also no quorum is necessary for the adjourned meeting. If at any time after the meeting is commenced, quorum ceases to exist, the meeting shall not be dissolved but shall continue.

    7. No meeting shall be considered at an adjourned meeting others than matters remaining from the meeting which the adjournment took place, provided that, with or without notice, the Chairperson may bring, or direct to be brought, any new matter which in his opinion is urgent, before an adjourned meeting of the Advisory Committee.

    8. No proceeding of the Committee shall be invalid by reason solely of the vacancies existing in the Committee, or by reason of non receipt of the notice or the agenda paper, provided the notice and the agenda were duly issued, or by reason of any procedural irregularity in the conduct of the proceeding of the meeting.

    9. A notice shall be deemed duly issued if it is sent by post or by messenger, within the prescribed time to the registered address of the Member.

    10. The discussion in the meeting and consequent conclusion, if any, taken at the meeting shall strictly follow the agenda, scheduled for the meeting.

    11. Attendance by proxy shall not be permitted at the meeting of the State Advisory committee.

    12. The chairperson, during any meeting, may direct any member of the Committee whose conduct at the meeting is, in the Chairperson’s opinion, disorderly, to withdraw. Any such member so ordered shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the meeting, whether or not he physically withdraws.

    13. In case not expressly provided for in these Regulations for the conduct of the meetings, the decision of the chairperson on all matters relating to the conduct of proceedings during the meeting shall be final.

  8. Fees and Travelling Allowance for Members of the Committee

    1. A committee member or an invitee who is a Government Officer or an employee/officer of a Public Sector Undertaking shall draw traveling and daily allowance from his parent department/organization as per his entitlement here.

    2. A member of the State Advisory Committee or an invitee who is not a Government servant, or employee of a Public Sector Undertaking shall be entitled to receive foe each day on which meeting is held and he is present, a traveling allowance at the rate admissible to Grade-I officer of the State Government and a sitting fee of Rs. 500/- (Rs. Five hundred) only

  9. Resignation of Member

      Any member of the Committee other than ex-officio member may, by written communication, addressed to the Secretary of the Commission resign his office as member of the Committee and it shall come into effect from the day the Chairperson of the Commission expects the same.

  10. Recommendation of the Committee not binding on the commission

      The recommendation or advice of the State Advisory Committee shall not be binding on the Commission.

  11. Miscellaneous
    1. The Chairperson may invite any person who is not a member of the State Advisory Committee as a special invitee to aid and assist the members of the State Advisory Committee on any matter on the agenda of its meeting.

    2. Subject to the provision of the Electricity Act, 2003 and these Regulation, the Commission may, from time to time, add, vary, alter, modify or amend any of the provisions of these regulation.

    3. The Commission may, from time to time, add, vary, alter, modify or amend any of the provisions of these regulation.

    4. If any difficulty arises in giving affect to any of the provisions of these Regulations, the Commission may, by general or specific order, do or undertake, or permit the committee to do or undertake things which in the opinion of the Commission are necessary or expedient for removing the difficulties.

    5. These Regulations shall suspend the earlier guidelines framed by the Commission for the establishment and functioning of the State Advisory Committee.

Secretary to the Commission.

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